Non-DCJS Courses

Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)

LEOSA Qual (HR 218)

W.H.A.T Now (Women's Defense Class)

Adult CPR/AED (Spanish Available)

Handgun Proficiency Training

Firearms Training

Handgun (07E)

Security Officer Handgun (75E)

Shotgun (08E)

Security Training

Security Officer (01E)

Arrest Authority (05E)

Special Conservator of the Peace (06E)

Private Investigator (02E)

Armored Car (03E)

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our staff have both the knowledge and experience to pass onto students.

Our professional staff includes former military, former law enforcement, current security professionals, and current NRA LE instructors. 

1st Virginia public safety

training academy

Teaching is our passion.

employment is our goal.