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Our professional staff includes former military, former law enforcement, current security professionals, and current NRA LE instructors. 

Non-DCJS Courses

Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)

LEOSA Qual (HR 218)

W.H.A.T Now 

Adult CPR/AED (Spanish Available)

Handgun Proficiency Training

Call Toll Free Number: 855-965-5379

DCJS# 88-1663


Firearms Training

Handgun (07E)

Security Officer Handgun (75E)

Shotgun (08E)

Advanced Handgun (09E)

Security Training

Security Officer (01E)

Arrest Authority (05E)

Special Conservator of the Peace (06E)

Private Investigator (02E)

Armored Car (03E)

Krijger was a beautiful, 4 year old Belgian Malinios, who had been serving with the Norfolk Police Department for three years. It is being asked that anyone wanting to Honor Officer Krijger's service, donate in his name to the ASPCA at

We at 1st Virginia Public Safety Training Academy are saddened at the events connected with this incident. We reserve any judgment until "All" the facts of the situation are disclosed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to "Everyone" affected by this occurrence.

However, due to the voluminous number of concerning phone calls, emails and walk in's, we have received, directly relating to this incident, we must clarify some points. We do not use "Bob's" range facility for any of our training processes. We were/are not affiliated with the specific individual named as a subject in this incident. Anyone concerned with the level of training you obtained at "Any" other Training Facility, via referrals, perceived affiliations and so on, may contact us directly for clarification. Based on these discussions with you, we will make arrangements to review and/or offer a retraining solution if necessary.

Lastly, Due to our affiliation with K9 Protective Services and Capt. John Williams, along with our own Lt. Tynan being a Certified VA DCJS K9 team Instructor and former MWD Handler himself, we are again deeply saddened at the loss of "Krijger", a valiant Police Officer in his own right.

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